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Prayers of the People : Violence

Chorus Our hearts can’t take anymore This violence, murder, and war Let us be Your peace, bring Shalom Please intervene, oh, Lord Prayer […]

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Class One – Locating Ourselves in The Story

Sean Mortenson / October 3, 2017
classes, knowledge of self, spiritual formation

“In short, I had always believed that the world involved magic: now I thought that perhaps it involved a magician. And this pointed […]

Our Focus on Spiritual Formation

Sean Mortenson / September 18, 2017
spiritual formation

For the next year, Redemption Scottsdale will be focused on Spiritual Formation. This post is meant to cast vision for why we’ve chose […]

In Defense of Feelings

Sean Mortenson / September 8, 2017
emotion, feelings, inner life

“When we deny our pain, losses, and feelings year after year, we become less and less human. We transform slowly into empty shells […]

Thank You, Mothers.

Sean Mortenson / May 14, 2017
mother's day

Mother’s Day was started in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, a woman inspired to show honor to her her own mom, a civil war nurse […]

A Peace Which Surpasses All Understanding

meredithpage / February 24, 2017
adoption, prayer

“Never in my life have I experienced the power of prayer like I did through this trial.”   Since we started the adoption process, […]

On Being “Uneducated, Common Men”

Sean Mortenson / February 22, 2017
education, knowledge, learning

Peter and John weren’t lacking knowledge. Quite the opposite. Which is why the leaders were so “astonished”.   As I thought back on my […]

Eat the manna. More will come.

Sean Mortenson / February 17, 2017
manna, portion, pray, prayer

In Psalm 73, we find the Psalmist wrestling through the burdens of life with amazing candor. Trying to understand why the arrogant and wicked seemed […]

Devoting Ourselves to Prayer

Sean Mortenson / February 1, 2017
prayer, praying

Prayer is work. We can be honest about that. But it is the most life-giving work we will ever do. In the first […]


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