Our goal is faithfulness.

To embody the saving and transformative power of the Gospel in South Scottsdale.

Our Vision

Redemption Scottsdale
3421 N Hayden Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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Sunday Services

We would love for you to join us this Sunday morning for worship. We gather at 9:30am in The Chapel (the northernmost building) on the campus of Scottsdale Presbyterian Church at Hayden and Osborn. When you join us you will find a friendly, casual environment and a multi-generational community. We sing, we pray, we study God's word, and we participate in the Lord's Supper every week. The focus is always on Jesus. Click on the link to learn more about what you can expect.


Redemption Scottsdale is an elder led church. Local elders, staff, and volunteers care for our congregation, while a central team of elders gives oversight to the united body of congregations that is Redemption Church. This means that Redemption Scottsdale is a distinct local congregation with a tremendous support structure of wisdom, inspiration, and accountability.

Sean Mortenson

Lead Pastor
About Sean

I married Sharon, my high school sweetheart, in 2003. We are blessed with four beautiful kids, Cosette, Graham, Charlie, and Zachary.

I grew up in a culturally Catholic home and, while I called myself a Christian all through high school, I had no concept of the gospel. When I left home for my freshman year of college God exposed the fleeting nature of everything I had found my identity and comfort in. He saved me that year and I began to grow and learn more about who he is and what he desires for me.

I graduated with an undergraduate degree in architecture and worked for a local firm for fours years. During that time I was serving in the local church, taking on various leadership roles, and began sensing a call toward vocational ministry. Having joined a church staff to help lead a college ministry for a few years, it became clear that God was moving me to the next step.

In 2009 I joined Praxis Church to help launch its new Arcadia Campus. I served as Lead Pastor of Arcadia for its initial season and transitioned into a role overseeing creative media and communications for Redemption Church (which Praxis had become) in the summer of 2011. This was a wonderful, healing, formative season for me as I grew in understanding and leadership capacity.

In 2013 my wife and I began praying about where God was leading us as a family. Sensing the call to lead a congregation again, we considered every possible option. Ultimately, God narrowed the possibilities to two, including staying in The Valley and planting a new Redemption Congregation. After a season of prayer and discernment with the leaders of Redemption in 2014, we decided that the best place to plant was exactly where God had me all along: South Scottsdale. We set the wheels in motion at the beginning of 2015 and Redemption Scottsdale officially gathered for our first worship service in October of 2015. God continues to build the house; we continue to pursue faithfulness.


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Meredith Page

Director of Children's Ministry
About Meredith
I was born and raised in Arizona. I spent the first 20 years of my life in South Scottsdale, and that is where I would like to return eventually. My husband Donlan and I are currently living in Phoenix with our two small children, Reagan and Miles.
In 2009 I felt called to leave my steady office job to start working with kids. That took the form of multiple jobs, from nannying, providing respite for a boy with autism, and working at a behavior health company with kids ages 5-17.  When I had my daughter in 2012 we decided that I would stay home with her full time. Over the next few years I also worked for Redemption Tempe’s Kids Connection, both in the classroom and supervising events. Working so closely with other women who have a passion for the ministry to children and families in the church, has taught me so much. I have learned to have a high standard of service that we provide for the parents, while making the classroom a place children are safe, loved and always being shown Jesus.  I am thankful God has provided me this opportunity to lead and serve with the other men and women who love kids and want to seem them thrive.
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Jackie Parks

Director of Operations
About Jackie

I grew up in Maryland, went to college in Virginia, and after marrying my husband Jay in 2005, we spend the first 5 years of marriage in Lynchburg, Virginia. In 2010, we moved to Morocco to start a rock climbing company, and after spending 5 years there, we moved, sight unseen, to Scottsdale Arizona in 2015. My husband and I have three kids: Lydia, Cole & Hannah.

I am passionate about people knowing Jesus and connecting to community in order to share life together. You can usually find our family doing something outside: hiking, biking, climbing, you name it! If it’s outside, we’re there!

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On Being a Local Congregation of Redemption Church

Redemption's Multi-Congregational Structure

Redemption church is multi-congregational in structure. This means that a central governing body provides structure, direction, and support for the ministry of each local congregation. Local congregations, like Redemption Scottsdale, are united and collaborative, but each has its own leadership and is free to contextualize its efforts. Click on the link below to learn more about the overall structure of Redemption.

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Redemption's Beliefs and Practices

We are a non-denominational church with a Reformed view of salvation. We believe that all of life is all for Jesus. We have been saved by grace through faith, which is itself a gift. That gift empowers us to be a transformed people who embody His redemptive power and participate in the renewal of all things.

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Redemption's Outward Focus

We are a sent people. As the church we are not called to turn inward and build our own kingdom. We are called to turn outward and give ourselves to the spread of the Gospel, the establishment of healthy local churches, and the multiplication of disciples. This is a call to invest beyond our church, beyond our tribe, and beyond our generation.

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