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Sabbath Rest : How

Sean Mortenson / February 15, 2018
rest, sabbath, spiritual disciplines, spiritual formation

“If we do not regularly quit work for one day a week, we take ourselves far too seriously. The moral sweat pouring off […]

Sabbath Rest : Why

Sean Mortenson / January 30, 2018
sabbath, spiritual disciplines, spiritual formation

“We keep the sabbath not because it makes us more productive at work. We keep it to resist the idol of productivity … […]

An Invitation to Spiritual Disciplines

Sean Mortenson / January 12, 2018
spiritual disciplines, spiritual formation

We don’t need self-improvement; we need to come home.   It’s easy to mock the cycle we collectively go through each January. The […]

Our Focus on Spiritual Formation

Sean Mortenson / September 18, 2017
spiritual formation

For the next year, Redemption Scottsdale will be focused on Spiritual Formation. This post is meant to cast vision for why we’ve chose […]